Forms Library

Buildings & Property - Baptistery Safety

Buildings & Property - Buildings & Grounds Annual Inspection Checklist

Buildings & Property - Church Use and Hold Harmless Agreement

Buildings & Property - Church Use Guidelines for Outsider Users of Your Church

Buildings & Property - Playground Safety

Buildings & Property - Preventing Copper Thefts

Buildings & Property - Property & LiabilityAccident (Slips & Falls) Report Form

Buildings & Property - Safety Inspection Report for Churches

Children & Youth - Background Check Consent – Sample Form

Children & Youth - Child/Youth Protection Policy Sample Form (version 1)

Children & Youth - Child/Youth Protection Policy Sample Form (version 2)

Children & Youth - Child/Youth Worker Application Form Sample

Children & Youth - Consent Form for Minors

Children & Youth - Dealing with Sex Offenders

Children & Youth - Documentation of Reference Checks

Children & Youth - Inflatable Use And Safety

Children & Youth - Ministry Safe

Children & Youth - Notice of Injury Form

Children & Youth - Nursery & Equipment Safety

Children & Youth - Nursery Inspection

Children & Youth - Preventing Sexual Misconduct

Children & Youth - Reducing The Risk (Reducing The Risk Of Sexual Misconduct)

Children & Youth - Responding To An Allegation Of Child Sexual Abuse

Children & Youth - SafeChurch

Emergency & Disaster Planning/Response - Church & Family Hurricane Checklist

Emergency & Disaster Planning/Response - Crisis Management Self Audit Form

Emergency & Disaster Planning/Response - Emergency Action and Recovery Plan (courtesy GuideOne Insurance)

Emergency & Disaster Planning/Response - Emergency Procedures Manual (courtesy Philadelphia Insurance)

Emergency & Disaster Planning/Response - Emergency Response Plan (courtesy Upright Ministries)

Emergency & Disaster Planning/Response - Ministry Contents Inventory

Emergency & Disaster Planning/Response - Windstorm/Hurricane Emergency Checklist

Financial Safeguards & Employees - Employee Handbook Sample

Financial Safeguards & Employees - Employee Reference Check Sample Form

Financial Safeguards & Employees - Financial Safeguard General Survey

Financial Safeguards & Employees - Key Components to a Financial Safeguard Program

Other Risk Management Resources - Church Law and Tax.com (Legal, Tax, & Risk Management Resources)

Other Risk Management Resources - Church Violence

Other Risk Management Resources - Defibrillators

Other Risk Management Resources - "Guide To Church Insurance & Risk Management" by GuideOne Insurance

Other Risk Management Resources - Guidebook - Religious Organization Risk Management

Other Risk Management Resources - Notice Of Injury Form

Other Risk Management Resources - Release Form (Adults)

Other Risk Management Resources - Social Media Guidelines

Other Risk Management Resources - Social Media Policy Sample

Vehicles & Drivers - 15-Passenger Van Alert

Vehicles & Drivers - Accident Report Packet

Vehicles & Drivers - Driver Application Form

Vehicles & Drivers - Transportation Safety Checklist

Vehicles & Drivers - Vehicle Self Inspection Checklist


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